Preparing For A Media Interview

The prospect of a media interview can be unnerving, but with the right preparation, the experience can have many benefits.

If you seek an interview, be clear about what you want to achieve. How will the ensuing article or broadcast benefit your organisation? Is this the best way to get your message out and is the timing right? Be prepared for other media or public interest it may generate.

The same applies if the media seek an interview. Are there stakeholder and legal issues to consider? Is there a chance the organisation will be seen in a bad light?

Find out what sort of questions the journalist will ask and/or what angle they are interested in pursuing. Remember the journalist is entitled to seek an alternative view, and this could be controversial. Be prepared to deal with any scenario that may present.


Ensure you:
- Make a list of the points you'd like to raise during the interview.
- Check facts and figures and make sure information is up to date.
- Be aware of alterative views and have a ready response.
- Know what you can and can't say (for commercial/legal reasons).

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