Running On Instinct

Effective communication is crucial when it comes to the reputation of your organisation. If people don't like you or trust you, they will look elsewhere. Cost, convenience, and quality are all considerations, but just think of the organisations that really understand what you need. The ones that you like, but can't put a finger on why. They have successfully communicated their message and vision to you.

Can you honestly say that you know exactly what people think of your organisation/brand? Do your stakeholders support you? Does the media portray you in a positive light? Do your shareholders trust you? Do your staff share your vision? And most importantly, are your key messages reaching the right people?


A communication audit is a 'snapshot' that enables an organisation to support instinct with fact. You discover what the communication culture is. For instance, how does the information flow and is it useful? Is there accountability?

With better understanding of your communications, you can alter behaviours and influence change in order to generate:
- Increased productivity
- Flow-through to the bottom-line
- Happier clients because you're more aware of their needs
- The ability to adapt to new circumstances with ease
- Greater organisational commitment to key stakeholders, including employees
- More job satisfaction resulting in fewer staff turnovers.

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